Jhs 770s/780d

Jhs 770s/780d

Modular design allows for maximum flexibility

Maximum installation flexibility
Integrated 3.8-inch high brightness silver LCD
120 seconds digital recording
Easy configuration


Available as semi-duplex or full-duplex, this class A VHF radiotelephone incorporates advanced modular design that allows for maximum installation flexibility. When connecting your AIS to the new VHF, new possibilities become available. This innovative feature, unique to JRC, allows you with one push of the button, to quickly navigate through a list of targets in your surrounding area. Bearing, range and MMSI information of target vessels are sorted from the shortest range upwards. You can now easily select the vessel you wish to get in contact with, and send a DSC message immediately.

The integrated 3.8-inch high brightness silver LCD screen realizes improved visibility with excellent sunlight viewability. The main data is displayed in large characters for easy reading. For wing and/or outside applications, JRC has developed an optional, simplified channel selector. This compact weatherproof unit allows basic operation, such as channel and power selection, and has a channel 16 preset.

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