Jhs 7

Jhs 7

Hand held portable VHF radiotelephone

Low consumption
Heavy-duty design
Sunlight resistance


The JHS-7 is a hand-held portable VHF radiotelephone for on-scene, life-saving two-way communication between ships, which is in accordance with the SOLAS convention. The JHS-7 is robustly designed to survive in the harshest marine conditions. The JHS-7 comes standard with 13 single-frequency voice channels including Channel 16 (156.800 MHz), using only 0.25 to 1 Watt of transmitted power. It can also be used for onboard communication.

Thirteen single-frequency voice channels are provided including Channel 16, which can also be easily selected by an independent switch. The JHS-7 is composed of unique selected components and materials, which endures extensive sunlight exposure. The JHS-7 offers single-handed operation due to the suitably arranged buttons and switches, providing safe, precise and convenient control of work handling operations. The JHS-7 is designed to minimize the power consumption and to maximize the operating time. Its sleeping mode functionality ensures over 8 hours of operating time.

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