Full-Circle Color Scanning Sonar Model Fsv-85

Full-Circle Color Scanning Sonar Model Fsv-85

Advanced Solutions Built on World-Proven Sonar Technology

The FSV series of Furuno Scanning Sonar has long been a favorite among commercial fishermen, and the FSV-85 carries on that tradition. The FSV series provides reliable and consistent detection of fish and seabed conditions with revolutionary, enhanced signal processing technology.


  • Cylindrical + sphere transducer provides 90 degrees vertical detection
  • Schools of fish can be searched from horizontal (range direction), vertical (depth direction) with vertical and half-circle features
  • Function keys for direct access to desired menu item
  • Dual Display mode
  • User programs for one-touch setup of equipment
  • Menu-driven operation
  • Fish histogram shows signal strength distribution of echo within estimate mark
  • Fish mark estimates fish speed
  • Fish estimate feature to compare the volume of two schools of fish
  • Pitching and rolling compensation for stable picture always



Basic Range
60-2000 m

Power Supply

Processor Unit
Processor unit: 12-24 VDC: 10-5 A
Interface unit: 48 VDC: 1 A or less (from Processor unit)
Transceiver Unit
100/110/115/220/230 VAC: 15 A, 1 phase, 50/60Hz
Hull Unit
Hull unit: 200-220 VAC: 4 A, 3 phase, 50/60Hz


Control unit: IP22 (panel), IP20 (chassis)
Processor unit: IP20
Interface unit: IP20
Transceiver unit, others: IPX0
Transducer: IPX8


Control unit: 3.8 kg
Processor unit: 15 kg
Interface unit: 3.4 kg
Transceiver unit: 95 kg
Hull unit: 370 kg (800 mm), 930 kg (1100 mm) *with tank

Equipment List


  • Control UnitFSV-8501
  • IF UnitFSV-8502
  • Processor UnitFSV-8503
  • TransceiverFSV-851
  • Hull Unit
  • Installation Materials
  • Spare Parts


  • Control UnitFSV-8501
  • Sub Control UnitFSV-853
  • RectifierRU-1746B-2
  • Remote ControllerFSV-854
  • Junction BoxFI-5002
  • Retraction TankOP10-28/29
  • Attachment KitOP10-30
  • Fixing MaterialsOP10-9
  • Flushmount KitFP03-09870
  • Hull Unit Controller Extension KitFSV-846
  • CableVV-SB-CJ0.3SQX5P
  • 8 Core CableVV-S0.3X8C
  • Cable Assy.MJ-ASPF0012-050C/100C
  • Installation Materials
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